World's greatest gay icons

Website named Elton John and Judy Garland greatest gay icons of all time. Manager of the page said the results are quite surprising, giving only one straight men in gentlemen's list (David Beckham), and all straight women in lady's list. More than 5000 men voted.

Top 10 men as greatest gay icons of all time
1. Elton John
2. Freddie Mercury
3. Stephen Fry
4. George Michael
5. Oscar Wilde
6. Will Young
7. Alan Carr
8. Paul O'Grady
9. Boy George
10. David Beckham

Top 10 women as greatest gay icons of all time:

1. Judy Garland
2. Kylie Minogue
3. Madonna
4. Cher
5. Liza Minnelli
6. Marilyn Monroe
7. Shirley Bassey
8. Lily Savage
9. Dusty Springfield
10. Barbra Streisand


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