Weekly poll

NOTE: Opening line, Song the line belongs to, album

Which is the best opening line from a studio album?
You must be my lucky star (Lucky Star, Madonna)
Some boys kiss me (Material Girl, Like A Virgin)
Papa I know you're going to be upset (Papa Don't Preach, True Blue)
Life is a mystery (Like A Prayer, Like A Prayer)
All work, no play (He's A Man, I'm Breathless)
Erotica, romance (Erotica, Erotica)
I'll never be an angel (Survival, Bedtime Stories)
I traded fame for love (Drowned World, Ray of Light)
Hey Mr DJ (Music, Music)
Do I have to change my name? (American Life, American Life)
Time goes by so slowly (Hung Up, Confessions on a Dancefloor)
See which flavor you like and I'll have it for you (Candy Shop, Hard Candy)
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