Paul McCartney can't resist a dig at Madonna

The battle of the wrinkly pop stars has hotted up as Sir Paul McCartney lashed out at Madonna in front of 12,000 fans, blasting her live shows.
The former Beatle, who was attacked by the Material Girl earlier this year when she said she would be “too bored” if she copied his performance skills, spoke out at the opening night of his European tour in Hamburg.
Playing at the Colour Line Arena in the city, Macca, 67, sniffed at Madonna’s high-octane, theatrical-style concerts as he took off his black suit jacket.
“That’s the big wardrobe change of the night,” he told the German crowd, baring a white shirt and black braces. “Madonna, eat your heart out – or words to that effect. I’m wearing something simple, do you like it?”
In October Madge, 51, said: “People have told me: ‘You could just go out there and play guitar and sing your songs like Paul McCartney’ but I’d be too bored.” And it isn’t the first time Madonna – who is close friends with Sir Paul’s fashion designer daughter Stella – has had warring words with a fellow megastar. In 2004 Sir Elton John nearly ended his friendship with her when he accused her of lip-synching during her live gigs, prompting her to deny the claims.



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