News in Brief

  • Madonna has accepted damages from the British paper "Mail on Sunday", because they published 27 photos from her top-secret wedding to Guy Ritchie. Her lawyer said all the money will go to the "Raising Malawi" foundation. We're talking about $8 million. (GMA News)

  • Word is that Madonna is buying Kelly Klein’s horse farm for under $10 million. The property includes 30 acres of land. The ex-wife of Calvin Klein had used the farm’s indoor and outdoor rings to train show horses. Madonna is also attempting to purchase an additional 24 acres that abut the property at 1151 Millstone Road, which is listed for $2.4 million. (The New York Post)

  • Seems like getting a Madonna interview is a hard thing. The singer had a day of interviews to promote her "Celebration" CD. Here's how it went.
    When Madonna arrived (late, obviously) at the Soho Hotel for a round of (no doubt) in depth interviews, she went into full diva mode.
    Unimpressed by the interview area, Madge insisted that the furniture and lighting was just all wrong, darling.
    Cue the crew who were forced to rearrange everything from the green chair to the rigging of the lights, all with the air conditioning turned off.
    A TV source told the Mirror: "We knew Madonna was tough but had no idea she was quite so exacting. We had had specifications on lighting and camera angles before she arrived. But she took one look at the chair and complained it was the wrong colour. Then she said the red lighting – which took ages to put up – was all wrong too. Everyone was stuck in this room sweating under the TV lights while we waited for her to give the thumbs up. We had been warned not to turn on the aircon because it could affect her vocal cords. It was ridiculous."
    Madonna's spokeswoman said: "Madonna was an ultimate professional throughout her day of interviews. And her favourite one was GMTV."


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