Madonna's rabbi companion

Madonna has been accompanied to Brazil by her rabbi, Michael Berg, her partner in the Raising Malawi project, and is expected to meet with Rio Governor Sergio Cabral and Mayor Eduardo Paes today (11.11.09).
Sergio said: "She will visit several projects here. She is delighted by the city and wants to be engaged and help."
Despite her insistence the jaunt is for charitable reasons, it is expected Madonna will meet the family of 23-year-old Jesus during her trip.

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On a side note: Hotel Fasano, one of the best of Rio de Janeiro, underwent a trial by fire the night of Tuesday, 10, during a blackout that hit the city and much of the country. The site, where Madonna was staying, was in the dark for less than a minute, and is one of the few on the edge of Ipanema with lighting. At the time of the suspension of power supply, the singer had dinner at the Fasano Al Mare, in an isolated table and prepared especially for her in the back of the restaurant. As the generator of the hotel started up quickly, lack of light did not hurt the dinner and was not even suspended.


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