Madonna shocked by donation response

Michael Berg, the co-founder of Raising Malawi has sent out this message about Madonna's reaction to donations to the charity so far:

Madonna and I just got back from an emotionally charged trip to Malawi.
It wasn't the poverty or hardship in Malawi that shocked Madonna - it was your response to it. When Madonna pledged to match $100,000 in your donations to Raising Malawi, she never dreamt that you'd crush that goal in just a few days!
After the news of your generosity set in, Madonna looked around and said, 'We must do more!' Madonna has upped the stakes and pledged to match an additional $150,000 in donations made in the next week.
Will you make a donation to Raising Malawi? Madonna will match your donation today at

The paradox we experienced in this small African nation is hard to put into words. The poverty and lack of basic resources for the children in Malawi is nothing short of heartbreaking. And yet upon our arrival, the spark of hope in the eyes of these young children is unlike anything I have seen before.
That spark comes directly from you.
These boys and girls, many of whom were orphaned after losing their parents to AIDS, are receiving the critical resources, support and love all children deserve."

Together, we can do even more. Please support the children of Raising Malawi now by making a donation. Madonna will personally match your donation - doubling the impact.


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