Madonna in Santa Marta

Yesterday, Madonna was in one of the Rio's slums, called Santa Marta, together with Sergio Cabral. On her request, the media were not allowed to access the area.
"It's nice to be here, I love the river", said Madonna, with a smile.
During his visit to Santa Marta, on Friday (13), in Rio, Madonna was in the house of a girl with disabilities. Her name is Brenda, 14, who was thrilled with the presence of the singer. According to the mother of a teenager, housewife Josefa France, Madonna has spoken extensively with Brenda.
"She came, I was making rice for dinner, a handful of garlic, and she greeted me. Madonna is fragrant, has hands of a princess," said Josefa.
"She went to the bedroom to see my daughter, my daughter could not come to her. He was looking at my house. Madonna was inspired by the problem of my daughter, talked a lot with her, said hello in English, she sat on the bed her, took her hand ...". said the mom.
According to Josefa, Madonna has promised to help the girl.

Young Brenda, showing her photo with Madonna



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