Jesus left behind!

Madonna reportedly made her toyboy lover Jesus Luz stay at home on her recent visit to Malawi.
The 51-year-old singer banned the 23-year-old Brazilian model from accompanying her on the trip because she was reportedly worried their age gap would upset her African hosts.
But Jesus was devastated at the snub and had wanted to be seen by her side as she oversaw work on her academy for girls in the poverty-stricken country start.
A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Their difference in age could have embarrassed some people there."
Jesus - who has been dating the mother-of-four since last year - has been desperate for their relationship to be "taken seriously" and last week introduced the pop star to his mother.
Devoted Madonna flew out to Brazil to meet Jesus Luz's 36-year-old mother Cristiane Regina da Silva at a hotel where the two women reportedly sat chatting for several hours.
After the successful meeting, the lovebirds - who have since been spotted at a string of top restaurants in Rio de Janiero - are now expected to get engaged.



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