Dear readers,
After two years, we decided to make this bold move, and resolve the lack of quality literature and articles about Madonna in Serbian by making it ourselves. So here it is, the first Madonna webzine in Serbian - named after one of our favourite songs, SECRET GARDEN. Our designer, as you all may guess, is Luka, and the articles were written by me, Angie, Milos, Neda, Michel Petkovic etc., and there's also a bunch of Madonna lines and texts. We hope you're surprised, but there's more - this magazine won't have a strict agenda, it won't be a regular edition. We decided it was for the best, after all of the hard time we had composing this one - hope you don't mind. So, obviously, it's always going to be a surprise. :)
We hope you'll enjoy it, and we hope it's going to kick ICON from your favourite-Madonna-magazine pedestal.
We hope we're going to hang out for years.
But most importantly, we hope you'll help us, by sending your contributions. You're familiar with our e-mail, so - what you're waiting for? Join us!

Once again, thank you for your loyalty,
and thanks to Madonna... for everything.
Your Madonna Serbia Team

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