Dress You Up in Madonna!

"I think the ultimate challenge is to have some kind of style and grace, even though you haven't got money, or standing in society, or formal education. I had a very middle, lower-middle class sort of upbringing, but I identify with people who've had, at some point in their lives to struggle to survive. It adds another colour to your character."

"I wouldn't have turned out the way I was if I didn't have all those old-fashioned values to rebel against."

Website www.my-minx.com is paying tribute to the queen of pop as a fashion icon, and has just launched today a new collection for its dress-up game and fashion community, giving the chance to its players to dress up their
virtual dolls with Madonna-inspired costumes and hairstyles. Her looks for
'Desperately seeking Susan', the Blond Ambition Tour, the 'Hung Up' video or
her lately Balmain 'Celebration' outfit have been recreated for the website.
A review of the 'ITALIANS DO IT BETTER' t-shirt has been also included.

It is also an open online community for people with interests on fashion and entertainment. Take a look!

thanks to Eduard from my-minx.com!


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